Printing Recommendations

So now that you have beautiful photos of your family, where should you have them printed?  

Randy Klein Photography Printing

You can always have your photos printed through me.  There are a few benefits to doing this.  Those include:

  • Super easy. You can order right from the gallery I send out. You don't even need to download the photos. The photos get shipped right to your house.

  • Fast delivery - Photos are usually printed and shipped within a day or two.

  • Ultra high-quality - I use the highest quality printer. My monitors are calibrated to the printer so that you can be sure that you're getting the absolute best quality photographs possible.

  • Customer service - If you ever have an issue with your order you can come directly to me to get it fixed.

To print photos through me, simply select the cart icon in your online photo gallery.  

Your own Printing Service

You can save some money and get great quality prints by having photos printed yourself.  I have a recommendations below for inexpensive & high-quality printing companies (skip to the "Printers" section if you don't want my explanation about why you should spend a tiny bit more for a better quality printing company). 

A lot of clients like to go the cheap and easy route and use a service like Shutterfly, Snapfish, Target, Costco, and other easily accessible printers.  Those services are great for a cheap and convenient way to print photos (I’ve used them before myself).  But be forewarned, there is a large gap in quality between them and professional quality printers.  I've gotten plenty of drugstore or Snapfish photos back where the people all look like Simpsons characters.  With professional printers, all of their devices are calibrated so the pictures are sharp, the contrast is correct, and the colors are accurate.  


You might be surprised to know that the professional printers are actually just as convenient as the cheapo printers and only slightly more expensive.  Since you already spent so much time, money, and effort on these photos, you might as well not cheap out at this point.  The total price you pay will probably only be a few dollars more.

Below are two recommendations of professional printers.  You can't go wrong with either.  There might be some quality differences, but that's like debating between a Mercedes and a BMW.  They are both going to blow the Toyota Corolla out of the water (no offense to Corolla owners, my wife has one).  


This is the service I personally use to print photos and books for my family.  Their prices are reasonable, the quality is top-notch, and their website is super easy to use.  The photo books I've purchased from them are always beautiful.  Use this link for $5 off.  

Nations Photo Lab
I really like this company.  The quality is amazing, the ordering process is easy, and the prices are very reasonable.  This company is used by a lot of professional photographers.  What more is there to say?