A thought experiment about the future of Photography

Today I had a thought experiment and I figured it would be interesting to share.  Right now, there are some really promising photography technologies in their infancy.  Some of the technologies I’m seeing are: 

  • Machine learning for camera settings (Arsenal)
  • Frame selection from video capture
  • Photo selection via machine learning
  • Machine learning photo editing
  • Matching a photo style based on another photo
  • Automated portrait retouching. 
  • Faux depth of field

Right now, all of these technologies are pretty much disconnected, but it’ll be interesting to see how things shape up when they all come together in one intelligent platform.  I could envision a future where someone shoots a video, the camera dynamically adjusts the capture settings to take the optimal photo, the camera selects the best frame from the video, and then the photo automatically gets processed with the optimal settings according to the users taste.  It seems like this is all just mimicking what pros already do, so I’m not sure how much it would revolutionize our photos, but it might make things more efficient in some areas.  It seems like this does have the potential to give amateurs and non-photographers the tools to make some great photos with minimal effort.  The next 10 years or so should be an interesting time in photography.