Hi there, I’m Randy Klein, a portrait photographer in the Philadelphia area. I specialize in family, engagement, maternity, and newborn photography. I live in the Conshohocken area with my beautiful wife Meredith, our sons Owen and Will, and our crazy dog Rufus.

I am a photographer because I enjoy telling a visual story.  Life is full of emotion, personality, vibrancy, contrast, awkwardness, and so much more.  Through photography, we can freeze a moment in time, and capture some of the energy and emotion that made that moment special.  

For me, Photography is a hobby. When I’m not doing it professionally, you’ll see me playing around at home or on vacation experimenting with other styles and pushing myself to learn something new.


Below are some fun facts about me. 

  • I’ve been practicing photography since I was about 5 years old. When I was younger, my father had a film darkroom in our house where I would help process photos.

  • I am a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

  • My favorite lens is my nifty fifty (sort of, it’s really 55mm), although you probably won't see me using it on shoots too often.

  • I am a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan… even when they’re bad.

  • I have tons of hobbies. Some of them include brewing beer, making jerky, Jiu Jitsu, web design, and home improvement.

  • I have an awful sense of smell…. but sometimes that’s a good thing… especially with two kids.

  • I was a professor at Saint Joseph’s University for a few years (until photography got too busy).

  • My wife and I were married in an old chocolate factory.

  • I take tons of pictures of my kids. I try to make them as embarrassing as possible.

  • I love to travel. I’ve backpacked throughout Europe for a month and a half. My wife and I went to Thailand and Vietnam for our honeymoon.

  • I love to cook…. and eat.

  • My favorite meal is a Banh Mi sandwich with a Thai Bubble tea. Yum!